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Kayaking is one of the most popular boating sports today. Modern kayaks are made in homage to the ancient Inuit boat, but now contain a variety of modern features to make them accessible to a wide variety of people wishing to get the most out of their kayaking sport. Whether it's river kayaking, ocean cruising, or fishing that you have in mind, there's a perfect kayak out there for whatever adventure awaits. Native Kayaks come in a variety of styles and sizes for all your kayaking needs.

When you think of kayaks, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the single seat, skirted models that are propelled with a double-bladed paddle. These kayaks, which can be rolled in the water by an experienced boater, are traditional kayaks. There are several other styles of kayaks now available, from paddle boards that can be operated standing up, to kayaks with pedal sets to take some of the effort of powering the kayaks off the arms. Native Kayaks produces kayaks in all of these styles and in one person and tandem models as well.

Native Kayaks' Ultimate 14.5 foot Tandem seats two people and can be outfitted with a wide variety of accessories for the fishing enthusiast. The Ultimate Tandem weighs only 63 pounds and can support up to 450 pounds of passengers and gear. If 450 pounds isn't enough for you, consider the Ultimate 16, almost two feet longer and capable of carrying 600 pounds. Even at the Ultimate 16 mammoth size, this boat still weighs in under 100 pounds. Add on an anchor kit and anchor trolley for stationary fishing, a Scotty fly rod holder, a console, a stern bag, or even a drink holder. The insulated Fishing buddy is also available with exterior rod holders and other pockets to hold your fishing tackle as well.

If all that paddling doesn't sound like your kind of boat ride, consider one of Native Kayak's pedal propelled models. There's the Ultimate Propel in 12 foot and 14.5 foot lengths and the Mariner 10 foot and 12 foot models. These boats can be pedaled forward or reverse and are stable even when you're standing. Though they're a little heavier than the more traditional kayaks, the Propel models are still very lightweight and have hefty carrying capacity, just like the non-pedal models. Extend your fishing trip's range and get home less tired with one of these pedal models.

The Mariner and Ultimate kayaks come with the option of an "Angler" upgrade, especially for fishermen. The Angler version is available both in standard hull and Propel models. Equipped with rod holders, Anglers have a wide variety of available accessories, from extra rod mounts to outfitting plates and long mounting bars. There are also several types of fish bags, insulated bags and equipment holders custom made to maximize the cargo space of your kayak. You don't even have to tote your kayak from your vehicle to the water if you don't want to. Buy a Multisport SmartCart and hand tow your kayak on wheels to water.  The SmartCart folds up to store in your kayak while you're out, too.

Native Kayaks come with a multitude of styles and high end upgrades to fit everyone's budget. Their Versa Boards and Redfish models are ideal for the beginning kayak enthusiast, and the Ultimate models described above will make any seasoned kayaker proud. Native Kayaks has a kayak for everyone, and everyone can have fun in their Native Kayaks.